How To Stay In Style While On a Budget With Discount Handbags

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discount handbagsI cant lie, I’m addicted to discount handbags. Big ones, small one, red ones, black ones, leather ones, or fabric printed – I just have to have them. Like most woman, I initially gravitated toward the expensive designer handbags. Gucci, Coach, Fendi and others have all had the pleasure of lining the shelves in my closet. Whether accompanying me out to dinner, carrying my junk as I run out for an errand, or hanging from my shoulder when I go to work, my brand name bags always made a statement. I imagined they were saying “So what I’m fashionable and have expensive taste, I can afford it!” Sure I would pass by boutiques in the mall that sold discount handbags, and although I would browse, I would never purchase one. I guess I was what you would call a handbag snob.

Saving Money While Staying Trendy With Discount Handbags

Disclaimer – All of that was before I had a family and before I purchased any discount handbags. When you have kids, a mortgage, car notes, insurance premiums, and a slew of other bills, purse splurging kind of falls into perspective. That $300 Coach could have been groceries – that $500 Gucci could be winter coats for the little ones, etc. I couldn’t deny my purse passion or my penchant for fashion, but I just couldn’t justify spending absurd amounts of money on designer handbags the way I used to.

Luckily for me, I found a viable alternative. While searching online, I found a website that sold trendy, discount handbags. No I’m not talking about knockoffs and fakes, I’m talking about stylish purses from either unknown or independent manufacturers. These discount handbags come in all the major styles: hobos, clutches, shoulder bags, totes, and satchels. And not only do they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, they have adjustable straps, multiple pockets and pouches, as well as decorative zippers and closures. They essentially, have all the features of the upscale handbags, minus the hefty price tag.

Up until then, I had never purchased discount handbags, and although they looked good online, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect once I pulled the trigger and ordered one. My package arrived a few days later and when I opened up the box, I was blown away. I don’t care how good the pictures online look or how many different angles they show, it will never be as good as actually having a new handbag, with that new handbag smell in your hands or on your arms. It was love at first site and the best part about it all was I got two discount handbags for less than half the price of one designer bag.

The Best Site To Buy Discount Handbags

If you still have your purse collecting fetish, but cant justify the outrageous prices being charged by the expensive designer handbag makers, I advise you to visit and check out their selection of high quality, trendy, discount handbags.